Why we should be considering buying a new home in the middle of a global health crisis.

Post Date: Apr 30, 2020


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Gallatin County Market Real Estate Updates March 2020 and the affect of Covid-19

Post Date: Apr 28, 2020

An international health crisis has taken center stage in every mind and media outlet lately. While Covid-19 is certainly cause for alarm and to pay attention, the real estate market...

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Bozeman and Covid-19. Why Bozeman's appeal turned this Southwest Montana town into the epicenter of Montana's health crisis.

Post Date: Mar 31, 2020

The novel coronavirus, causing an infection known as Covid-19 is all we've heard about recently. The impact the virus is having on Bozeman and it's surrounding area is exponential in...

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Bozeman's healthcare community is changing as quickly as its population. What choices do you have and how can they benefit your pocketbook?

Post Date: Feb 29, 2020

Competition could be the key to lowering healthcare expenses in Southwest Montana. The Bozeman area is seeing changes in primary and specialty medical care that could benefit the health of...

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Stand up and be counted! What does the 2020 Census mean for Gallatin County? How city planning can help you plan for the future.

Post Date: Feb 25, 2020

What changes are on the horizon for Bozeman, Belgrade and Gallatin County? The 2020 Census can help clarify the growth we've seen and how to plan for our future. ...

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How is Wold War II continuing to effect our real estate market and why we should be paying attention.

Post Date: Jan 20, 2020

The population reaching retirement continues at a rate of about 10,000 per day and the housing market needs to be prepared to shift to meet their needs. ...

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Have you ever wondered what your home's walls would say if they could talk? Keep your family healthy and avoid becoming a victim in the Meth epidemic.

Post Date: Jan 16, 2020

The Meth epidemic can be closer to you than you would like to have to admit. With a staggering number of home meth labs in rural states being discovered every...

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How did an MSU graduate growing a crystal help Bozeman's economy get rolling and what will keep it rolling in the future?

Post Date: Jan 13, 2020

Bozeman is listed as the fastest growing micropolitan in the US for some very good reasons. Pockets of innovation and industry are thriving and providing employment opportunities for those who...

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How can soft, shiny hair and bright colored clothes be a sign that you're drinking healthier water and saving money? Water conditioning systems have some surprising benefits.

Post Date: Jan 09, 2020


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Knowledge is power in real estate: Work with the right agent to make sure you are educated.

Post Date: Jan 06, 2020

All properties have information about them that can be readily accessible to any consumer or real estate agent including ownership and tax records. It's fairly easy to locate those details...

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Why is lighting control more than just convenience? How smart lighting can save you money and provide additional safety for your home and family.

Post Date: Dec 19, 2019

Smart lighting hasn't quite become the norm in every home but with the added advantages it offers and safety it brings, it should be. Smart lighting control can be much...

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Would your homeowners insurance policy cover a total loss if you needed it to? With the sharp rise in property values in the last several years you could be left with substantially less than you expect if you haven't reviewed your coverage lately.

Post Date: Dec 16, 2019


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Huge water loss damage potential can be prevented easily with some minor preparations and a little attention to detail. Don't get stuck mopping up the mess.

Post Date: Dec 12, 2019

Plummeting temperatures during cold Rocky Mountain winters can spell disaster for homeowners that are either unaware of potential frozen pipe issues or unprepared. Some simple tips can save you thousands...

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How can a federal incentive and the governor of Montana prevent you from paying taxes on a real estate investment? Opportunity Zones can reduce or erase your tax responsibility.

Post Date: Dec 09, 2019

A low income area investment might just mean big tax savings for savvy investors. Local organizations have been working to increase industry diversity while bolstering the drive to create more...

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Impact fees for building in the Gallatin Valley have been an issue for many builders in our area for years. A huge jump for Belgrade builders has just taken place and is leveling the playing field.

Post Date: Dec 05, 2019

We all have to pay our fair share for infrastructure when we build a home but why would a local municipality in our area increase their impact fees by almost...

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What is lurking beneath your home? We would probably all guess dirt is the answer to that questions but you might be surprised to learn about some of the interesting things hiding just under the surface and its effect on your homes value.

Post Date: Dec 02, 2019

Some pretty scary things can be lurking just below the surface of your home lot. The Gallatin Valley has some very recent examples of how your families health and the...

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Are you looking for your piece of the Bozeman Boom pie?

Post Date: Nov 29, 2019

Now could be the right time. Listing a home in the wintertime has historically been taboo while buying has come with challenges but there are actually benefits that you might...

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What do burglaries and a broken water pipe have in common?

Post Date: Nov 26, 2019

Making a smart investment in technology could save you the headache of dealing with either. Understand why home security has a whole new meaning. Making a minimal investment in technology...

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What do blind dates and real estate have in common?

Post Date: Nov 21, 2019

A good first impression means everything. How you may make more money with Staging your home. You've felt the jitters of needing to make a good first impression whether walking...

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Understanding the difference between Need vs Want and why it's so important.

Post Date: Nov 18, 2019

Don't miss out on the home of your dreams. Is it possible you've found your dream home and it's time to celebrate or is disappointment headed your way? Know the...

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We all love free stuff, right?!?

Post Date: Feb 07, 2019

Bozeman offers so many fun events for our wonderful community and guess what...many of these events are FREE!!! Check out our list of FREE events happening around town this weekend...

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